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Catamaran or monohull

The Catamaran

The catamaran offers maximum space and comfort. The spacious double cabins are  usually equipped with a private shower, and offer a lot of privacy. The generous open-air cockpit is the sailboat's main room, especially in the tropics where life takes place outdoors. The large front bridge with its trampolines invites relaxation. Seasickness is less of a topic on catamarans, as they offer high stability. Even when the sea is rocky, you can still eat comfortably at the table. One great asset of a catamaran is its shallow draft that makes it possible to anchor near the shore. Two engines give the catamaran excellent maneuverability and double security.


The monohull

The monohull is more compact than a catamaran, so it is easier to find shelter in a port or in an anchorage, even if it is crowded.The shape of its hull allows it to sail very well upwind. Modern sailboats offer excellent comfort with spacious double cabins, the large galley provides a fridge, freezer, and all what a kitchen needs. The spacious cockpit allows 8 people to eat comfortably. A removable bath platform almost flush with the water makes it easy to swim. The monohull does heel with the wind in her sails, so the feeling is different than in a catamaran. The heeling is easily controlled by reefing the sails (reduction of the sail area).

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