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"From space, the Bahamas is the most beautiful place on Earth".

Chris Hadfield


A thousand shades of blue by Catamaran


The Bahamas

Not far from Florida. The islands of the Bahamas are scattered over nearly 3885 km2 of translucent tropical ocean in the northern Caribbean. The archipelago of 700 islands, islets and uninhabited rocks that make up the Bahamas cover barely 14,000 km2 of land. The local population is proud of its heritage and you receive with open arms.


The Exumas

The Exumas are a chain of islands stretching from north to south for 209 km east of Nassau. This chain of islands creates a barrier between a deep sea of ​​dark blue color and a deep translucent sea of ​​turquoise color. Our navigation will take place between its two waters of variable color.

The National Park

The 176-square-kilometer Exuma Cays National Terrestrial and Marine Park, established in 1958, was the world's first land and marine park and one of the most successful marine parks. This is the first "non-harvesting reserve" (all fishing prohibited) in the Caribbean. This expanse of water, pristine lands and beaches is an ecological reserve and wildlife refuge renowned for its breathtaking marine environment.



Our Navigation Program


Day 1 Saturday: Nassau - Highborn Cay

Arrival at the Nassau Marina. While waiting for boarding, enjoy the bars and restaurants. Boarding at 17:00, welcome on board aperitif. Sail under a starry sky to Highborn Cay. Night at anchor.


Day 2 Sunday: Highborn Cay - Warderick Wells Cay

Visit Allen's Cay and the iguanas that populate the island.

Snorkeling and relaxation. Navigation to Waderick Wells Cay. National Park Center


Day 3 Monday: Warderick Wells Cay

Hiking trails that explore the island and its sandy beaches. Snorkeling on the intact coral reefs that are full of multicolored fish. Visit the center of the national park.


Day 4 Tuesday: Warderick Wells Cay - Staniel Cay

You will stop at Big Major Beach, discover its famous swimmer Pigs and dive into the famous Thunderball Cave (James Bond 007 1965). After a drink at the Yacht Club, you will visit the quaint village of Staniel Cay. Dinner at the restaurant.


Day 5 Wednesday: Staniel Cay - Shroud Cay

Discover the mangrove and swim in the lagoon of breathtaking beauty.

Day 6 Thursday: Shroud Cay - Norman's Cay

After diving on a plane wreck, you will visit the ruins of a drug cartel of the 80s, then you can catch fish or lobster with a Hawaiian harpoon in the reef or walk on the beach. looking for shells or sand dollars.


Day 7 Friday: Norman's Cay - Nassau

Back to Nassau where you can enjoy restaurants, aquarium, casinos etc.


Day 8 Saturday: Nassau

Breakfast on board, disembarkation around 9:00.


The Boat

A rental catamaran approximately 13 m long and 7 m wide.

4 double cabins are at your disposal for accommodation.

Cabins can be shared or booked for one person.

For more comfort we limit the cruise to a maximum of 8 people.

For a private booking (family, company, association, etc.) we ship up to 8 people.


Our Dates

Cruises from Saturday to the following Saturday

from 22.02.19 to 18.04.20

All Inclusive

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