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"The Aeolian Islands, in the incandescent shade of Stromboli volcano".

Source West France

Aeolian Islands

The Little Wonders of Sicily


The Aeolians


The Aeolian Islands are composed of seven islands on the Tyrrhenian Sea, north-east of Sicily. They are formed from seven volcanoes that have emerged from the waters during the last 200,000 years. The iconic conical shape of the islands, and their alignment highlighting the fracture between African and European continental plates, make them examples of a volcanic archipelago. They are classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Each island has its own personality: Vulcano and its sulphur mud baths, Lipari and its castle-acropolis, Salina’s Malvoisie vines weaving across the island, Filicudi on the sidelines of the world, Alicudi even more solitary, Panarea for the jet-set, and of course, Stromboli and its active volcano, where eruptions continue to glow in the falling night.

Let’s set our cap!


Black sand, mud baths and crater.

The beaches are lined with black volcanic sand. Mud baths near the harbor are relaxing to dip in, before rinsing off in the sea that gurgles with bubbles of sulfur. You can walk to La Fossa (the crater) in about 45 min.


The Aeolian Capital

Dominating the city and its maze of alleys, a castle watches over the two ports of Marina Lunga where the ferries dock: and Marina Corta, the fisherman’s port. Lipari boasts many fine walks through what has been called some of the most incredible coastal scenery.



Vineyards, trails, gastronomy, Il Postino

Pollara is a quiet hamlet on the island of Salina, and clings to a promontory overlooking the sea at 100 meters altitude It is here that Michael Radford shot the film The Postman (Il Postino), with Philippe Noiret and Massimo Troisi, making the place a kind of myth. The movie is shown every evening at a snack bar at the beach, where one can enjoy a cocktail and intriguing Italian scene during the film. The island is also home to the 2019 chef of the year, Martina Caruso, and her restaurant, Signum.




Of all the islands, Panarea is the most glamourous. In 1959, part of  Antonioni's classic of Italian film The Adventure was shot here, which continues to attract visitors.  In 2011 Paneara was described as the epicenter of the chicest summer scene in the Mediterranean.



The apotheosis of the majestic Aeolian Islands, Stromboli is above all a volcano. It’s impressive almost perfect cone shape never ceases to impress with its explosions of lava.  Long ago Stromboli was called the "lighthouse of the Mediterranean" and still impresses today with its almost perfect cone shape and continuous eruptions.


Our Cruise

Departure from the Milazzo marina on the North side of the Sicilian coast. Our program includes the navigation described below, but may vary according to the weather desires of team members.


Our Navigation Program


Day 1 Saturday: Milazzo - Vulcano

Boarding around 17:00, navigation about 3h to reach Vulcano. Anchorage in the beautiful cove at the back of the village. Dinner on the boat or at the restaurant.


Day 2 Sunday: Vulcano - Filicudi

Discovery of the black sand beach. Mud bath or hike on the Fossa (crater) 45 min. Navigation to Filicudi approx 4h. Anchoring the boat, swimming, hiking, enjoying the peace of Filicudi.


Day 3 Monday: Filicudi - Salina (Pollara)

Navigation to Salina approx. 3h.  Anchoring in Solara and a visit the famous beach of (Il Postino) and the village. Swimming and hiking. Overnight anchoring or docking in Salina.


Day 4 Tuesday: Salina - Panarea

Breakfast, departure for Panarea around 2h navigation.Visit the village and hike to Punta Milazzese. Set cap to the rocks of Bottaro for a swim in the sulfur bubbles. Back to Panarea, aperitif. Night at anchor, evening visit to the village.


Day 5 Wednesday: Panarea – Stromboli

Sailing to Stromboli approx. 2h navigation. Approach by the North coast, anchoring in front of the village of San Bartolo, visit of the village, swimming. Optional hike to summit of Sromboli. Dinner at the restaurant in the village. For those who do not want to climb the Stromboli, we offer a night navigation to see the irruptions, a magic show from the sea.

Hike on the Stromboli

Meet at 5 pm in front of San Vicenzo Church. While waiting for the guides (mandatory), hikers are equipped with their helmet and hiking shoes. The Stromboli culminates at 926 m, and can be reached by a 2-3 hours Hike. The ideal time to visit is at sunset, where the magical glow of the crater and incandescent lava is at its most brilliant.


Day 6 Thursday: Stromboli - Lipari

Long navigation to Lipari approx. 4h anchor or mooring at the port depending on the weather. Visit the Castello and the village. Evening in the village.


Day 7 Friday: Lipari - Vulcano - Milazzo

Navigation back to Milazzo stop at Vulcano for a final mud bath, departure around 14h. for Milazzo. Dock the boat and visit town. Dinner on the boat or at the Marina.


Day 8 Saturday: Milazzo

Breakfast in town, disembarkation around 9:00.


The Boat

A monohull rental approximately 13 m long.

4 double cabins are at your disposal for accommodation.

Cabins can be shared or booked for one person.

For more comfort we limit the cruise to a maximum of 8 people.

For a private booking (family, company, association, etc.) we accommodate up to 8 people.


Our Dates

Cruises from Saturday to the following Saturday

spring from 16.05.20 to 13.06.20

from 12.09.20 to 17.10.20

All Inclusive

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