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"The sea, once she has cast you a spell, keeps you in her wonderful net forever."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Sailing cruises

at the cabin or à la carte

Whether it's your first time on a sailboat, a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, a birthday or a birthday present: if you want to sail or learn how to sail, if you want to do yoga while surfing waves….


On a sailboat, Monohull or Catamaran

We organize the cruise of your dreams!

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean

Our Winter Cruises 2019 - 2020



du 21/12/19 au 15/02/20

A la découverte de Cuba  

en catamaran

Embarquement à Cienfuegos

8 jours, 7 nuits



du 22/02/20 au 18/04/20

A la découverte des Exumas

en catamaran

Embarquement à Nassau

8 jours, 7 nuits

Our Sommer Cruises 2020



du 20/06/20 au 25/07/20

Tour de l'île d'Elbe à la voile

en monocoque 

Embarquement à Follonica

8 jours, 7 nuits



du 01/08/20 au 05/09/20

A la découverte des îles Dalmates

en monocoque

Embarquement à Trogir

8 jours, 7 nuits



du 16/05/20 au 13/06/20

du 12/09/20 au 17/10/20

Mouillage au pied du Stromboli

en monocoque

Embarquement à Milazzo

8 jours, 7 nuits

If you do not find here what you are looking for, we organize for you

heading to your destination

Share new adventures

With friends, in couple or with family.

Pack your bags, we take care of the rest.

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